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The Walmart credit card is a Mastercard credit card offered by Walmart from Synchrony Bank.  Walmart’s 3-2-1 Save rewards program provides for Walmart credit card users to get 3% in statement credits for purchases made on and 2% on purchases at Murphy gas stations or Walmart gas.  In addition, the Walmart credit card provides 1% statement credits on all purchases made at Walmart and anywhere else that the credit card is used as part of the 3-2-1 Save rewards program.

For those not looking for financing and credit only for Walmart purchases and not for purchases outside of Walmart, check out the Walmart Store Credit Card.

You can apply today and get up to $25 to $50 in statement credits on your first purchase when you are approved for the Walmart credit card.

Given that most Walmart customers shop frequently and depend on Walmart for much of their shopping needs, getting a Walmart credit card may make sense to take advantage of the total savings that you could get.  However, the rewards program  is generally not very strong compared to other credit cards.

Walmart Mastercard Credit Card Value Rating

Based on our review of the credit card and its terms, we give the Walmart credit card a GOOD value rating.  Although the % savings is relatively lower, we recognize that most people shopping at Walmart are likely frequent shoppers that depend on Walmart for most of their shopping needs.  As a result, although the rewards savings may be low, it will add-up over time given the frequency that people will be shopping with Walmart.

Walmart Mastercard Credit Card Terms

  • Introductory APR: N/A
  • Ongoing APR: 17.65% to 23.65% based on credit
  • Annual Fee: N/A
  • Bonus / Rewards: 1% to 3%
  • Cash Advance Fee: $5 or 3% of Cash Advance
  • Late Payment Fee: $38
  • Returned Payment Fee: N/A

Walmart Mastercard Credit Card Login

Your Walmart credit card login can be accessed by going to the following login page –> Walmart credit card login.  You will then be able to login to access and manage your credit card there.  In addition, you will be able to make payments online or arrange to pay for the credit card charges in a number of other ways.

Walmart Mastercard Credit Card Payments

You can pay for your credit card fees directly at any Walmart location.  In addition, you can also send in your payment to Synchrony Bank via check or pay over the Internet using Walmart’s credit card login information.

Walmart Mastercard Credit Card Phone Numbers

Phone numbers for the Walmart credit card are outlined below, which include a phone number for customer service as well as a phone number for questions about the Walmart credit card.

  • Customer service : 1-877-611-1148
  • Questions: 1-866-611-1149

Walmart Website:

Walmart Credit Card Information: Walmart Credit Card Information Overview

Website URL Visit Link Here
Credit Card Information URL Visit Link Here
Credit card login URL Visit Link Here
Credit card phone number 1-866-611-1148
Credit card value rating GOOD
Introductry APR N/A
APR 17.65% to 23.65%
Bonus / Rewards 1% to 3%
Annual Fee N/A
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